Hospitalizations reach new high in Tennessee

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) —Tennessee is seeing a 30% jump in hospitalizations this month. A new analysis from Vanderbilt researchers shows this is the highest rate of hospitalizations so far.

Researchers with the Department of Health Policy, though, stress this has not yet put stress on our hospitals.

New cases in Chattanooga and Memphis are driving the hospitalizations.

“It's kind of fluid right. Our healthcare system has done a terrific job of ramping up and getting ready," said Melissa McPheeters, PhD with the Vanderbilt Department of Health Policy. "We set 1,000 hospitalizations across the state as an easy metric to look at so when you think about it, that's twice where we are right now."

Vanderbilt researchers say they could reach 1,000 or more patients needing hospital beds by late July or early August and that could stress the system in some areas.

You can view the full report HERE