The European Union does not have the U.S.A. on its safe traveler list

5 years ago right now, my wife and I were honeymooning in Italy. I'm REALLY glad I'm not one of those guys that waited forever to propose because not only would my wife had probably left me by now, but even if she didn't and we got married this summer, we wouldn't be honeymooning in Italy, or anywhere else in Europe!

Even if you feel confident enough to go overseas during the pandemic, the European Union does not have the United States on its safe traveler list as the countries reopen borders to international travelers. The EU has 15 countries on the current safe list including Canada, Japan, and Australia.  For people in the United States and other countries not on the safe list, non-essential travel restrictions put in place back in March still apply. Did you have a trip to Europe in the works before the pandemic?