How good is your mask? Study breaks down droplet spread distance

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) —A new study takes a look at the most effective masks, some DIY, as wearing face coverings is encouraged, and even mandated, is areas across the United States.

Non-medical masks were studied byFlorida Atlantic Universityresearchers to find out the average jet distance of droplets spread.

The study found droplets spread about 2.5 inches with a cotton-stitched mask compared to about 8 feet without a mask.

Other household items like t-shirts and bandanas have popped up along the way, but researchers said a bandana made with elastic t-shirt material had an average jet distance droplet spread of 3 feet 7 inches. A folded handkerchief had a droplet spread distance of about 1 foot 3 inches and a commercial mask, with unknown material, spread droplets about 8 inches on average.

Read the study here:

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