TN among top states for growth in COVID-19 cases and death per capita

Tennessee is among the top states seeing weekly growth in daily COVID-19 case trends per capita and deaths per capita according to data collections by The Washington Post.

According to the data, Tennessee was the third-highest in weekly trends for places with the highest daily deaths per capita. The model shows a 16% increase, placing Tennessee third behind New Mexico's 38% and Nevada's 30%. However, Tennessee's .13 rate is on the lower end, ranking 19th among states and territories.

Tennessee ranked second for growth in the highest daily case weekly trends with a 27% increase, bested by only West Virginia with a 34% increase. The state's 24 per 100k ranked 10th among all states and territories.

The data tables reflect similar reporting from the Tennessee Department of Health. Over the past week, the 4 day average of new cases has risen from 1,066 to 1,529 (as of June 5). The department also reports 652 hospitalizations with 288 pending. Since June 29, the state has reported 62 deaths from COVID-19, accounting for 9.6% of the state's 646 total cases.

One critical metric is the availability of ICU beds, regular hospital floor beds, and ventilator availability. As of July 5, ICU beds are at 23% availability and availability is 25% for all floor beds. Ventilators are at 71% availability.