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African Americans only fill 17 of Metro's 100 highest paying jobs

FOX 17 News is continuing our investigation into racial disparities in the Metro workforce. We’re learning out of the hundred highest paying Metro jobs, only 17 are held by African Americans. Meanwhile, African Americans make up around 30% of the community.

“The numbers just aren’t adding up," Black Business Boom founder Danielle McGee said. "It doesn’t make sense and I know so many people who work for Metro who would love the training and the development they need to be in these positions. Many of them already have it and they’re being overlooked."

McGee worked with the former Mayor’s office when they had a Diversity and Inclusion chief position years ago.

“The person they had in place was really making some plans and putting some things into action so we could really see a difference, and now we’re taking steps backwards,” McGee said.

Out of the top 20 highest paid positions, only two are held by black people. Out of the top 10, that number is zero.

“I had someone reach out to me and tell me that one thing they’re seeing as a metro employee is that people who are not black are getting jobs based on experience, whereas black people have to have the education and the experience,” McGee explained.

Metro’s HR Director said in a statement that a new position, metro’s workforce diversity manager, will be key in helping to hire more diversity to all positions. She also mentioned they’ve partnered with more than 700 community organizations to aid in their hiring and promotion.

However, for McGee, she says we have the data and we’ve done the studies. Now, it’s time to put that change into action.

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