Issa Rae, Jordan Peele To Partner For ‘sinkhole’ Film In 7-figure Deal

Issa Rae and Jordan Peele are coming together for “Sinkhole.” Universal Pictures beat out 10 studios bidding on the rights for the movie. “Sinkhole” is based on Leyna Krow’s short story about a couple who buys a home and discovers a sinkhole in the backyard. After safeguarding the sinkhole with a fence and forgetting about it, the couple gets curious and drop broken items into it, only to discover the sinkhole has healing properties. The wife then decides to go further and see if the sinkhole can fix her flaws. The original story by Krow only has 1,500 words so Rae and Peele will be challenged to use their creativity to fill out the story for the film. Rae and Peele will receive seven-figures for the film collectively, as of now there isn’t a date for production to start.

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