Nashville Resident Tomi Lahren Sides With Police In Breonna Taylor Case

Perhaps the least surprising news of the yesterday was Tomi Lahren buying into and running with story that Kentucky A.G. Daniel Cameron gave yesterday when justifying the decision to not indict the two officers responsible for murdering Breonna Taylor.

Tomi ignored every other shred of evidence that pointed to a coverup and instead chose the side of those that weren't killed in their sleep. Despite being a 2nd Amendment defender, Tomi has turned a blind eye to the fact that Kenneth Walker, Breonna's boyfriend, is licensed to carry a firearm. Tomi doesn't want to talk about the numerous witnesses that claim they never heard the police identify themselves. Tomi fails to think about how being awakened out of your sleep by the sounds of someone breaking in your home can cause a sense of confusion even if police do identify themselves. Tomi doesn't mention how the police incident report contained several errors. Tomi defends the police even though they literally had no reason to be at Breonna's apartment in the first place. Tomi is also silent about perhaps the most shady aspect of the entire case, Breonna Taylor's ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover claims that a local attorney offered him a plea deal if he would say that Breonna was a drug dealer. Mr. Glover declined.

Tomi is all about "Law and Order," yet when a young black women was murdered in her sleep, she is okay with no one being held accountable. She is okay with the same system that killed Breonna Taylor investigating themselves and then accepts their version of the story and rejects every other account. Simply put, Tomi is FOS. I seriously dislike the fact we live in the same city.

The tweet above is one of the many tweets Tomi fired off that caused her to trend this morning. Twitter is clapping back in the incredible way only Twitter can. Check out some of my favorite clapbacks below...