Persimmon seeds predict cold, snowy winter for middle Tennessee this year

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) —While the official winter forecast from the FOX 17 Code Red Weather team hasn’t yet been released, local persimmon seeds are calling for a cold, snowy winter this year.

Using persimmon seeds to predict the weather is a bit of folklore that’s too fun not to try. Persimmons seeds are said to predict the type of winter a region will have – and the seed must come from that region.

Split the seed lengthwise and look at the root inside. If it’s shaped like a spoon - get the shovel ready! This means we’re in for a snowy winter. If it’s shaped like a fork- light snow is possible, but a mild winter. If it’s shaped like a knife- then be ready for a very cold winter.

Chief Meteorologist Katy Morgan opened a persimmon seed live on Facebook Tuesday morning. It appeared to show two spoons and two knives – meaning get the shovel ready! You'll also want to bundle up as it may be frigid.