Netflix Confirms Squid Game Is Their Biggest Series Launch Ever


Photo: Getty Images

Netflix says "Squid Game" has become its biggest series launch ever. "Squid Game" has attracted 111 million views since its release on September 17, according to Netflix. That surpasses its previous top show, "Bridgerton," which hit 82 million households in its first 28 days of release. In case you haven't seen it, "Squid Game" is about a group of debt-laden Koreans who enter a survival game (kind of like "Hunger Games") in hopes of a massive cash prize.

Remember yesterday when I said I haven't watched 'Squid Game' yet?!?!? Well, that didn't change overnight, having said that, it better be GREAT and if it's not, I'M COING AFTER ALL Y'ALL!

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