Jaheim Challenges Usher To A 'Verzuz' Battle

2017 SESAC Pop Awards - Show

Photo: Getty Images

In a Verzuz literally nobody asked for, Jaheim, yes, Jaheim, challenged Usher... yes, THE Usher. Usher Raymond. URSHER!

“I’m [with] all the SMOKE [flame emoji] YOU FANS CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN IMMEDIATELY. I’M SO SERIOUS,” says Jahiem. The “Put That Woman First” is challenging Usher to a Verzuz battle and has given the eight-time Grammy winner a month to respond. Jaheim says the call to the “Verzuz” stage is “nothing personal,” and realizes Usher is the best. Usher has nine number ones on the Hot 100 Chart and has been one of the most successful artists of the past 25 years. 

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