Khloe Kardashian Dragged For Cryptic Message About Tristan Thompson


Photo: Getty Images

Recently, Tristan Thompson stepped out with a new woman, which might have motivated Khloe Kardashian to post a cryptic message. Khloe said, "Betrayal rarely comes from your enemies." Kris Jenner posted a bunch of heart emojis on Khloe's IG post as a response. However, insiders suggest that Khloe is unbothered by Tristan and won't ever trust him again, but she wants to make sure there is a healthy co-parenting situation going on between the two of them.

Let's get back to Khloe's actual message, she said "Betrayal rarely comes from your enemies." Obviously, by the very definition of the word "betrayal," it can't come from your enemies... AT ALL!

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