The Do's & Don't Of Draft Weekend (1 min read)

As many make their way to the "Music City" there are SOME THINGS that you might wanna watch out for

DO: GRAB YOU A SCOOTER.. I'D suggest doing a Lyft or Uber but im assuming those prices will be on the outrageous side

DON'T: DRIVE... PERIODT Even if you're sober driving will add more to already IMMOVABLE TRAFFIC.. explore other means of transportCLICK HERE FOR SCOOTER RENTAL

DO: Patronize local restaurants. The city hasn't done much for its native scene here & even with the draft there area LOT of GREAT EATS that wont benefit from the rush. Make sure you get your WING ON at Rocky's (there open until 2am); Some SUGARLESS SWEET TEA (they sweeten it with raw honey) from "Oooh Wee Sweet Tea" (Rivergate Mall) or stop at The Local Distro for a unique convenience store experience

DON'T: Take your horse to these "Old Town Roads" (get it ?!).. Preston Taylor..Dodge City..Lower Antioch..JCUC.. Anywhere "Out Souf" or "Out East"

DO: Shop local... you know like "Society Pink" "Live Above"..etc

DON'T: BE FOOLED... That "other" very well branded Hot Chicken spot is NOT THE originators of the fire bird (s/o to Pearl) we have "Princes" to thank for that

DO: Whether it be Minerva... Nashville Underground.. 9 Bar Lounge make SURE you're tipping your bartender, server, waiter the venue may be benefitting from The Leagues money but a lot of times it doesn't trickle down to its employees

And most of all.. be respectful of EVERYBODY stance on "The League" you might see a few KAEP jerseys..Ts and what not.. sip your beer and KEEP IT PUSHING


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