This Girl Found A Lost iPhone & What She Found On It Left Her Horrified!

You don't realize exactly how much info about yourself you contain in your phone..addresses, phone numbers, credit card info, it's all just a tap away. But with the touch ID feature on iPhone's....who can really access all that info if you're the only one with your thumb print..right? That's exactly how I used to think...I thought I was completely safe and BOY was I wrong!!

Twitter user @afronomics realized this also when she found a lost iPhone and tried to return it to it's rightful owner. 

Here's where it starts to get a little creepy....SIRI, HOW DARE YOU TRY TO GET US KILLED!!!!!!

She decided to use the info she had just learned to change the settings in her own phone, AND of course warn others about how easy a stranger can access your info EVEN IF your phone is locked!

People on Twitter were SO thankful for her helpful tip!

I am also so thankful to have came across this and IMMEDIATELY changed my settings. Even more so a little surprised that this is even a setting that has to be turned on/off...really Apple? Common sense. Don't make our info accessible to people who shouldn't have it!! LOL Seriously, if you don't know my address or where my car is parked, it's because you shouldn't know. Thank yooouuuu afronomics!!! XOXO

Share the news with your loved ones! Stay safe, y'all. <3

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