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This Fake Couple Faked A Proposal At A Fancy Restaurant For Free Dessert

Meet Cati, 19, and her best friend Alex, 17, from Texas. The two teens who have gone viral for faking a proposal JUST for the fact they wanted to get some free dessert.

The two apparently had a bad week and wanted to cheer themselves up by going out to a fancy dinner, and you know, the casual fake proposal.

"We just had to act like a couple the entire time," Cati told Buzzfeed.

When she went to the bathroom, Alex told the server that he was going to propose. He asked her to take photos.

Cati said that the restaurant was convinced. "Everyone believed us and everyone clapped," she said.

I mean really, they could've fooled me! LOL

She fake said yes, and everyone is calling ICONIC.

The two said the fake proposal was really fun and they wanted to venture off and do it again, but are hesitant because after going viral, restaurants in the area may be on guard. lol

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