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This Summer Is About To Be Way More Fun With These Rosé Forties!

While we are all completely here for being able to get 40 oz. of liquor in one bottle for like $3 (give or take)..malt liquor isn't exactly our choice of drank....even though we all drank it anyway.

But we're not in college anymore, it's time to step it up. We've grown. We're more mature now. Classy even, if you will. We've completely something more like...cómo se dice, rosé?

But what's better than Rosé? How about, rosé........IN FORTY FORM. A 40 OZ. OF ROSÉ


There's a company called Forty Ounce Wines & and according to their website they make "organically farmed, spectacular tasting, large format wines.”

Right now, the company is selling two types of wine, Muscadet, and in anticipation of summer, rosé.

40 oz. of rosé, must be pretty pricey right?? I mean, it's not Mickey's or's ROSÉ!

You'd be happy to know that a 40 of rosé will only run you about $16 a bottle.

However, I do have bad news..Forty Ounce Wines' rosé is currently only being sold in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, and Colorado, according to Delish.

Road trip anyone??

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