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So Rompers For Men Exist Now & Are Called RompHims!

Rompers are a girls best friend..they come in SO many cute colors and styles and are SO comfy especially when it can get so hot outside. (we're gonna totally ignore the fact that you also have to pee naked..that can be awkward..)

Apparently these boys want in on the romper fun there are now RompHims!! Rompers...for men. rompers.

I'm going to be completely honest...if a man walked by me in a romper I wouldn't even think to look twice. It literally just looks like a matching shirt/short set with the shirt tucked in or something..DOESN'T IT?? (at a quick glance)

Is this about to be the new summer trend for the men out here??

It's all fun & games until they realize that they too...have to pee naked...

I hope they enjoy that.

How do you guys feel about these RompHims? Yes? No? Would you rock it or know someone who totally could? 

If y'all get one....make sure you tag me in it..I'm really curious to see these IRL.

What's sundresses?

LMAO! Please...let the ladies keep that one. K? K.

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