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It's Really Over! Guess Who Rob's New Chick Is?

We've seen on this season's KUWTK Rob's constant struggle of trying to make things work with his (now ex??) daughter's mother, Blac Chyna..but they just can't seem to get along and make things work out with each other!

It looks like he's finally given up..and has moved on. To who you ask?

MEGHAN JAMES. YES. You may remember her from previously being on The Bad Girls Club.

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Now sources say the relationship with Mehgan, 26, and Rob, 30, is fairly new and they're still trying to keep things under wraps with the two of them. (Which apparently isn't working out too well since I'm now writing about this lol).

What's weird is that Rob was literally just declaring his love for Chyna on Instagram..we all thought they had gotten back together.....again (eye roll)..and then like a day later here come these reports about him & Mehgan??


Also..his sisters allegedly don't approve of this relationship and don't like Mehgan because she's pretty known for being a little crazy...a little out of control and volatile..and his sister's want him to be with someone who is kind and calm.

I mean what do you expect, she's a BGC ALUM! lol

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