Rob Kardashian Went Off The Deep End! Puts Chyna On BLAST On IG!

Rob has had it up to HERE *holds hand above head* with Chyna's shenanigans and will no longer be her door least that's how it's looking now!

ALL MORNING LONG Rob has been going on a rant on IG exposing Chyna for her thottiness and all she's been using him for. SMH!

He's even posted some recent nudes she's sent him and went as far as exposing AND TAGGING them men she's been sleeping with!

He also posted a video of her about to get some werrrrk done to that body. Her post baby snap back? ALL FAKE he claims. AND HE PAID FOR IT!!!

And since T.I. tried to put his two cents in, he got put on blast as well. DAMN T.I. you paid Chy to have a threesome with you & Tiny??

If you don't follow Rob on IG, DO IT, and turn your post notifications on lol he's been going in ALL morning and it doesn't look like he's stopping any time soon. He's letting it ALL out. #KingPetty

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