WATCH: Blac Chyna Blasts Rob On GMA This Morning!

Blac Chyna headed to Good Morning America this morning with her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, to chat about last weeks blow up on Instagram with her ex-fiance/baby daddy, Rob Kardashian.

Chyna states she was completely "devastated" and "felt betrayed" by Robert, as she calls him on the show lol, after seeing that he had posted her nudes on his IG page. She didn't even have a good explanation as to why she was sending him videos of her and another man in bed..talking about he's been harrassing her and she thought seeing her with another man would get him to leave her alone.

Chyna...Angela...girl...can you not? You did that cuz you PETTY. AND WE ALL KNOW IT! LMAO! You sent him that to make him mad and get a reaction out of him! Girl who you think you foolin..we've all seen Rob & Chyna..and we all know you can be psycho.

But she just gonna keep playing this innocent role til she gets whatever it is she wants.

Now let me say, I am NOT advocating for Rob or in any way shape or form saying what he did to her was right...all I'm saying is she can't act like she had no part in his emotional public break down. She's only acting like this affected her because this is now going to court..but the day Rob was letting loose on IG she was posting videos on her snapchat and IG live completely unbothered and laughing at the situation.

Check out her interview below!

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