WATCH: Chris Brown Opens Up About His Fight With Rihanna

Chris Brown and Rihanna. They were so adorable together and Hollywood's favorite couple. Together, they made hits...........literally.

In this new documentary, we are FINALLY hearing Chris' side of the story..learning for years what we've all wondered really happened that night. Rihanna has done her interviews, she's told her story, and the whole time Chris just kept his mouth shut. As Rihanna's career kept climbing up to the top, Chris' career had over night just plummeted. 

I'll never forget going in to the studio that day to hear the news and see the pics of Rihanna's battered face, we immediately pulled all Chris Brown music and many other radio stations did the exact same. He almost lost it all, over an argument that went terribly wrong. He was made out to be a woman beater and a monster, he lost many fans, his "good boy" image had been ruined, and for years struggled to get back in the game.

Now, after hearing Chris tell his side of the story..I believe him. I always knew there was more to it than he just beat up Rihanna in a car. I knew there had to be a history between the two of them, I knew that wasn't the first time, and I knew there had to have been a trigger.

Here, he breaks it all down. How they met, when they started dating, and how things started to go down hill. It all comes together. Check it out below.

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