Kevin Hart Releases Mobile Game Featuring His Family Amid Cheating Scandal

Maybe he should've waited til things died down a little...or maybe just NOT have dropped the game at all LOL C'MON KEVIN! Maybe he thought now would be a good time since everyone is already talking about him? Not good things though, of course.

Comedian/actor, Kevin Hart, has been in the news all weekend long after a woman, who secretly recorded a video of them DOING IT in a hotel room, released these videos and is basically blackmailing Kevin for an insane amount of money. Something in the 8 figures apparently? Also, all this happened while he's been married to his now VERY pregnant wife, Eniko Hart.

So all while people are watching these videos, he's publicly apologized to millions via his Instagram account for cheating and for all the drama that his family is dealing with now because of his actions. He apologized to his wife and kids...and is now proceeding to drop a mobile game that features, you guessed it, his wife and kids.

His new game, "Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart" is "family-friendly" and features his two kids, Heaven and Hendrix, and his wife, Eniko Hart.

According to Engadget, it's like "Temple Run meets Clash of Clans in a medical setting."

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