WATCH: Wendy Williams Faints On Live TV!

Wendy Williams, as you can see, dressed up as the Statue of Liberty for Halloween..but her costume got the best of her as she passed out on live TV from what she says was heat exhaustion from her costume.

It happened about 48 minutes into her show, which airs live on the East coast. You can see in the video above she started stuttering in the middle of her sentence and seemed very confused a lost. While trying to say "our first contestant"..she completely butchered "contestant" and said "carest"..she then completely stopped talking..her eyes widened..she began to panic as she took a few steps back with her arms out in front of her and her hands shaking. This carried on for just a few seconds right before she fell to the ground. Producers ran to her aid, and they quickly cut to commercial.

When they came back from commercial, Wendy took a moment to explain what happened. That it was 100% real, she over heated and passed out. She seemed to recover quickly and felt well enough to finish the remainder of the show.

Some people, however, are still a little skeptical as to whether or not it was a stunt..

Others watching live, were legitimately worried for her and couldn't believe they had just watched her pass out on live TV!

We're glad to see she came back to the show and seemed to be doing okay. We hope she went straight home to get some rest!

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