Snoop Mocks Trump Assassination AGAIN In New Album Cover

Uncle Snoop is coming for Trump's head again! ...or..body..this time.

Earlier this year Snoop dropped the video for "Lavender". In the video, he received a lot of heat (mainly from Trump..and no one else..because we all hate Trump too lol) for his mock president assassination.

Snoop said he did so because "nobody's dealing with the real issue with this f****** clown as a president."


He will continue to make his hate for 45 known, as he recently posted this pic on his own IG account. It looks like it's the cover of his next album, "MAKE AMERICA CRIP AGAIN", taking Trump's slogan and making it his own.

It's an exact copy of Ice Cube's '91 album cover for "Death Certificate"..this time instead of an "Uncle Sam" toe tag, in Snoop's can clearly see it's a TRUMP toe tag.

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