VIDEO: Tyrese Had A Major Melt Down On IG Yesterday!

Tyrese posted a video of him hysterically crying over the fight for his daugher, 10 year old Shayla. His ex-wife is wringing him dry of funds, as he cries in the video saying he pays $13k a month in child support..and on top of that he has a ton of legal fees to keep up with to continue his fight and avoid getting his daughter taken away.


There was no question this man was absolutely having a mental breakdown, but he since came out and said that he's completely fine, and these are all actions and feelings and emotions of any other father fighting for his child. 

On top of that, he's also stirred up tension between him and The Rock. Apparently The Rock is doing a spinoff of "Fast & Furios" and that is delaying the 9th installment of the franchise by a year. Tyrese says he desperately needs the paycheck, and he can't wait a year..and he wants The Rock to NOT move forward with this spinoff so he can start getting some money since he's going completely broke in this legal battle with his ex-wife.


He says his ex-wife's claims against him has made him un-employable..ruining his life and keeping him from making money..but he's determined to keep fighting and stay strong for his daughter.

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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