Apple's New iPhone X Becomes "Unresponsive" In Cold Temps

As soon as a new iPhone drops Apple users every where scramble to make sure they are one of the first people to get their hands on the newest iPhone model, and this was exactly the case with the X. We all know that one person who HAS to have the newest of the new so they can show it off, right? 

I also wanted the iPhone X when pre-orders were available, but we all know there is ALWAYS something wrong with the first version of anything that comes out, there's always a bug that needs to be fixed or SOMETHING! Recent users of the new iPhone X have made claims that their phone has actually become unresponsive in what seems to be triggered by low temps. 

One reddit user claimed that they found their phone to start suffering issues when temps hit around 44F. As soon as they stepped outside their screen became unresponsive. They try to press buttons and swipe websites and it won't even register their finger. 

Apple has addressed this issue claiming that with sudden temp changes the screen WILL become unresponsive or change it's behavior to regulate it's temperature...but after a few seconds the phone should start working properly again. They are, however, aware the phone may become unresponsive and are addressing the issue in an upcoming software update. 

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