A "How To Get Away With Murder" & "Scandal" Crossover Episode Is Happening!

Ok fans..you may need to sit down for this. Kerry Washington out here playing with people's emotions and it's getting serious!

Earlier this week, Kerry Washington, star of "Scandal", took to Instagram to post a picture in the courtroom from "How To Get Away With Murder" and tagged Viola Davis asking, "This spot look familiar?! Where are you?"

To which she responded with an Instagram post of her own on the set of "Scandal" in the Oval Office ALSO tagging Kerry Washington in the post, "Guess where I am?!"

Yes, this is exactly what you think, and you can scream now.

Shonda Rhimes confirmed that a crossover episode is on the way! None of the stars have yet to make cameos in each other’s shows, however with Scandal being on its final season (NOOOO!!!!), they’ve got to go out with a bang, right?!!!

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