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A NEW Offset Cheating Video Has Been Leaked!

Why Offset, WHY.

After a recent cheating scandal or two that seemed to have gotten cleared up between Offset & Cardi before the public found out about it, all was forgiven and well, right? At least Cardi made it seem that way, she of course had some choice words and let Offset know in front of fans that yes she forgave him once and they are moving forward, but don't you DARE try that ish again!


Well..we're wishing Offset the best of luck..because now a NEW sex tape has hit the net (new to us, anyway).

We don’t know when the alleged get down went down, but there’s definitely a December date at the top. 

That COULD be from when the video was seen not filmed. We don't know.

Offset better hope for his relationship’s sake that’s the case. Otherwise...

Of course, leave it to Twitter to start going IN on the's some of the funniest tweets!

Since I can't post the alleged clips of Offset cheating, here are the links..

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