Man Hacks Laundry Machine With Q-Tips!

I've seen plenty of hacks in my day from tricking a vending machine into thinking it took your dollar (which I can NEVER get down, just take my dollar, it's quicker lol!!), to who else knows what is out there.

BUT THIS..this laundry machine quarter slot hack..this has to be the first I've seen, and I have to seriously, who takes the time to figure this out and come up with these things?!!

I know most laundry facilities are now upgrading to using a money card (who can find a hack for that, because ya girl got clothes to wash lmao)...but some are still living in the past and have these quarter slots.

Check this guy out, who basically replaced the quarters with q-tips, that he then can remove and use over and over again.....


Check out the video below.

Anyone got a few q-tips?

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