Apple Discontinuing iPhone X After Disappointing Sales

Apple seems to be a little disappointed with recent iPhone X sales, so much so, that they are planning on discontinuing the device all together.

According to analyst Ming Chi Kuo, he said poor sales of the iPhone X will more than likely “lead to the cancellation of the model, with production ceasing in the summer.”

WELL MAYBE IF THE DANG PHONE WASN'T $1,000 MORE PEOPLE WOULD'VE BOUGHT ONE! LOL Still want the X before it goes bye-bye? Better use that tax money and go cop you one before summer!

But don't worry techies! Apple isn't going to just take away the X and leave you hanging. They are heading back to the drawing board and plan to roll out a NEW model of the X in the fall! And, of course, are expecting a growth in sales with this new model...I can't help but to wonder if it will have any cool upgrades or new features no other models have?!

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