Trans Makeup Artist Spent Over $100k To Look Like Kim K!

Meet Thalia Almodovar, who has spent about $80k in plastic surgery and another $30k in outfits, to look like the KUWTK reality star Kim Kardashian!!


She claims after getting surgery, lipo & fat transfers (& becoming a woman obviously lol), she has been getting mistaken for Kim K for the past two years.

She constantly gets stopped in the streets for pics, and is often mistaken while clubbing or shopping for Kim K...and she loves it! ...sometimes..she did say that she sometimes just isn't in the mood for pics or convo with fans, who could blame her? That must get exhausting!

BUT she is willing to overlook this slight occasional inconvenience..and may even soon consider being a PROFESSIONAL Kim K look-a-like!

Question is, do you think she looks like Kim K? Check her out below..

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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