Blac Chyna Went On A Shopping Date With Her 18 Yr Old Boo & We're Confused

Chyna, A 29 YEAR OLD GROWN WOMAN, went on a little shopping spree with her new (barely) man, 18 year old Houston rapper YBN Almighty Jay....and we've never been more uncomfortable looking at his pic.

I'm sure he's loving the attention. An 18 year old kid dating THEE BLAC CHYNA?! I'm sure he's living the real life fantasy of every 18 yr old kid...but to the rest of us? The OLDER outsiders looking in? We're all like Chyna what's wrong with you?!! You're about to turn 30, he is a CHILD. Technically there's nothing wrong here, he IS of age but let's be real....he looks 12.

Sure age is just a number...but at some point a line has to be drawn, right? Like if he was 25 and she was 36...same age difference..but that's WAY more tolerable lol

Her boyfriends keep getting younger and younger!

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