Apple Debuts New iPad With Pencil Support

After some leaked info over the past couple days, today Apple has OFFICIALLY announced a new "budget" 9.7 inch iPad! Similar to the model released last year, but this release has a few new features including support for the Apple Pencil writing and drawing accessory!

I know what we're all thinking, okay this is cool but how much is it going to cost me? The price actually doesn't look too bad considering this is a new model iPad! The pricing looks like it will stay pretty much the same as the previous model, $329 for consumers & $299 for schools/students! You'll also be able to find third-party stylus compatible with the new iPad, called the Logitech Crayon, for only $49.

The new iPad will also run faster and longer than previous models. Now I'm not huge on tablets, my iphone and macbook is enough for me, but MY SON YOU GUYS. He is HUGE on tech stuff & art, LOVES to draw, I can't wait to get this in his hands he would lose his mind! lol

Will you be picking up the new iPad?

Read more about the iPad and it's features HERE.

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