Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Gear Up For Court After Stroller Incident

It seems like FOREVER ago when Rob & Chyna were early-mid 2016 they were dating, got pregnant, got engaged, had a nasty break up..and now the drama continues as they struggle to co-parent for their daughter Dream.


Chyna broke the internet Easter weekend with her stroller swinging fiasco at Six Flags. Apparently some stranger/fan touched baby Dream's hand and Chyna completely lost her cool, a huge fight broke out and Chyna was swinging Dream's toy car/stroller at the girl and OF COURSE it was all caught on video as, these days, everything usually is.


Rob allegedly is planning to use these videos as evidence and take his ex-fiance/baby mama to court in an attempt to adjust not necessarily custody..but stories are saying he's asking for a drop in child support payments and to implement a 6 month time frame before either of them (mainly Chyna obviously as she recently started dating some 18 year old "rapper") can bring a new significant other into Dream's life.

Chyna allegedly plans to argue that the way she acted at Six Flags was all in defense of a stranger touching her daughter, and she was just protecting her kids, and nothing should be changed.

Personally, Rob should totally win this. Last I checked, Rob was paying Chyna $20k a month in child support!!!! That's ridiculous. Not only that, but I am 100% fully in support of the 6 month rule. There's no reason a new man needs to be introduced to Dream every month. Like relax. Keep them away until you know they are going to be around. & honestly, this fling with this 18 yr. old won't last long. He's a child. He ain't about to settle down right now.


I'm rooting for you Rob!

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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