WATCH: Hollywood Medium PREDICTED Khloe & Tristan's Downfall

This is crazyyyyyy! So, it's no secret that Khloe Kardashian and her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, have recently run into some relationship troubles. I say boyfriend because she allegedly forgave him for all his cheating and took him back and they're working on things or whateva. BUT, who knew we all actually were told something like this was going to happen A YEAR AGO.  


Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry, has a show on E! where we watch him go to different celebs houses and give them readings. Last year, he did a Kardashian reading, which we all assumed would be about their dad, the late Robert Kardashian. In Khloe's reading, he actually saw future relationship trouble with Tristan Thompson. He kept saying her "next boyfriend", and she had to stop him like why do you keep saying my "next" boyfriend, why aren't you saying anything about my boyfriend now what about him? LOL Tyler NICELY was telling her it didn't look like things were going to work out, that travel and distance could be a huge issue. YA THINK!?

Check out the clip below!

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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