Here's Where You Can Buy The Flask Bracelet Rihanna Wore To Coachella

Rihanna slayed us all this past weekend with all her extraordinary Coachella fits..we expect nothing less from the fashion icon herself.

One of her ensembles, which I'm not going to lie..I didn't understand it..but I also won't question it and oddly enough it worked because RIHANNA, included a decked out ski mask of some sort (I think?), a long over sized striped button up, gray snake skin pants/boots that everyone is wearing now with lots of accessories! (you can tell by my awful description I know all about fashion lmao)

Accessories that included this flask bracelet..which I'm sure sales are now going through the roof for.

I'm not going to lie, I've seen these before but now that Rihanna wore one I want one too and I'm going to take it everywhere all summer lmao they come from many different brands & lots of different styles!

These ones have to be my fav..


Want one? Here's a few links CUZ YOU KNOW YA GIRL GOT YOU!

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