Ambien Fires Back At Rosanne "Racism Is Not A Side Effect Of Our Drug"

Rosanne Barr under extreme heat ever since her racial rant on Twitter..she's lost fans..AND HER ABC had cancelled the "Rosanne" reboot. I'm sure what she thought would be a funny tweet backfired, like, really bad. She's deleted the tweet, said she was leaving Twitter, apologized to fans, and most recently, is now blaming her racial tweet on the prescription sleep-aid drug, Ambien.

In a now deleted tweet, Rosanne took to Twitter to admit she was "Ambien tweeting" and really wasn't aware of what she was doing. The maker of Ambien, Sanofi, also took to Twitter to fire back..racism is NOT a side effect of Ambien.

Sorry, not sorry. You're on your own lady, Ambien will NOT let you drag them into your racial rant lol.

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