Drake Reveals How He Managed To Keep His Son A Secret For So Long

Drake dropped a freestyle over the weekend where he laid out the very obvious and very effective strategy he used to keep his song, who is about 8 months old now, a secret for this long! 8 months plus pregnancy time, we're looking at well over a year now! The power of the dollar y'all.

“Make sure the staff are paid well, make them think twice about the stories that they tell,” he rapped. “They don’t know when the plan is hatching, I’m going to let them walk on eggshells.”

His PR strategy + a fat check = a very possible secret son, indefinitely. As we all know, the celeb gossip industry is run off of who knows who, who has the inside scoop on who, and who has the most money to pay for these inside stories. Drake knows this..and his plan was just to straight out keep paying those involved, MORE money for their silence.


And that plan was clearly working, until Pusha T came along and outed him in "Story of Adidon", where he told the whole world about Drake's secret son. Of course the first few stories of Drake's baby's mom, Sophie, were all dismissed by Drake's team and we never heard a word about it again. Up until Push dropped "Story of Adidon", he got everyone talking again..but still..Drake kept quiet about it until it was officially confirmed when he dropped Scorpion.

Check out Drake's freestyle below!

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