Demon Child Throws 8 Hour Tantrum On Flight Because There Was No Wifi

At some point you have to realize that internet addiction with this generations young ones is REAL, and at some point, as parents, we HAVE to intervene! It's not healthy! Clearly....

Check out this kid, on an 8 hour flight from Germany to New Jersey, totally not behaving AT ALL. OVER HIS IPAD NOT WORKING. The plane hadn't even taken off yet and the mom was asking the flight attendant, "let's get the wifi going so we can get the ipad going." The child was apparently climbing chairs, screaming the entire flight, and running up and down the plane. Imagine having to deal with that for 8 hours while the parents did nothing because they literally couldn't do anything?

Now, as tempted as you may be to trip him in the aisle as he runs by you (i'm awful just kidding don't do that lmao), you have to remember..this is totally not the kids fault, it's the parents! Trip the parents! They relied SO MUCH on wifi and ipads and cell phones I'm sure to keep their child busy they've completely neglected him, that's all he knows! So when it's not available, he's going to act out. Parents, we have to do better, I get is easy and convenient to keep your kid busy when you're busy..but that cannot be the ONLY option ALL the time. Even if god forbid you have to get off your phone and actually interact with your kids... DO IT.

It's for their own good, and for your future fellow plane passengers.

Video below!

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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