WHOOPS! Nicki Minaj's Whole Chest Fell Out During Live Performance!

Nicki got caught slippinnnnnn!!! Well, her "girls" did at least LOL

Nicki Minaj was performing at Made In America in Philly over the weekend, wearing a little dress (of course lol) and a long two tone orange wig. She reached to move some of the hair out of her way right before revealing her ENTIRE CHEST was hangout out of her dress!! She casually tried to tuck everything back in while doing a body roll...but c'mon...WE SEEN'T IT!


Check out her wardrobe malfunction below.


Some people even think that she may have intentionally let this happen..after all..she's seems to be wanting all the attention she can get?


Do you think she maybe didn't do all she could to prevent, let's say, a wardrobe malfunction? I mean she HAD to have felt those things fall out right? lol LET'S GO TO THE POLLS!

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Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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