Woman Goes Viral After Crying On The Gram After Botched Lip Surgery!

A woman by the name of alexa_dashian on instagram uploaded of video of her in shock, crying over the results of her lip fillers? Implants? We're not really sure what she had done here..but apparently neither was she. Although she said she did want bigger lips..she seemed completely devastated and confused as to what the hell those doctors did to her face!

"I wanted my lips to be bigger..but apparently, idk wtf they did to my lips! Look at this sh*t!" she said in her video, "what am I supposed to do now? Cut this sh*ts off?!".."oh my god I look like a d*** sucking h**"

To be honest, I'm not sure if she was really as devastated as she was trying to make herself out to be lol..I mean..she did receive a ton of attention after this..and on top of that, she continued to post selfies on IG? Maybe she was just accepting her new lips and making the best out of the situation. Why hide, they're already there right? But if something like that happened to me and I was THAT upset I don't think I'd be posting selfies all on the gram! lol

In case you're wondering, here's what she looked like before..

She totally didn't even need the lip enhancement in the first place, right?!

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