We've Been Pronouncing Ariana Grande & Chrissy Teigen's Names Wrong!

Who knew that we've been pronouncing Ariana Grande's name wrong our entire existence lol! In a video of her in an interview, she was asked if she would keep Grande or change her name to Davidson, or maybe Grande-Davidson? She replied saying she would want to keep Grande because of her grandfather..but she pronounced it like Grandy! Her name is Ariana Grandy! lol I'm shocked. How nice do you have to be to let the whole world say your name wrong for years and you never attempted to correct anyone?! LOL

Chissy Teigen apparently is in the same boat. She revealed on Twitter that her last name is actually pronounced tie-gen, not tee-gen! She says she got tired of correcting people and gave up lol I FEEL YOU GIRL!

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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