(Video) RAZ B OF B2K Exposes Chris Stokes For Sexual Assault

After many years of doing their own solo thing, B2K has finally come back together to give us a tour that we’re all here for! We should all be excited in preparation of it kicking off instead we are finding out many dark secrets between the members of the group. 

Below is a video of Raz B exposing their former Manager/CEO Chris Stokes and Marques Houston of sexual assault. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of this—It has been rumored previously that the members were sexually assaulted while under the supervision of their manager. Chris Stokes has denied all allegations via his verified twitter account claiming that no harm has been done to any of the members.

He tweeted “Negativity I will never play into. I never hurt any of B2K & always had their best interest at heart including financially. I forgive any negative energy or tweets. God forgives and so do I. They back! Now stay positive in 2019 and go get your tix! Enjoy them being back! Much love”

Check out the attached video of #RazB’s confession. 

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