What!? Officer Andrew Belke wrongfully Charged with Murder?

Officer Andrew Delke has been indicted on first-degree murder charge in the fatal shooting of Daniel Hambrick and his police colleagues aren’t happy about it. 

The Fraternal Order of Police in Nashville launched a digital campaign as an attempt to show Officer Andrew Delke’s actions were justified. 

The president of FOP, James Smallwood was asked why this campaign was created and he responded “It’s important for people to realize that officer Delke had a convicted felon point a loaded handgun in his direction and he was forced to use lethal force to protect hisself and others in the community.”

The family has responded to the news as well and released this statement: “The FOP’s “Digital Campaign” is nothing more than a desperate attempt to poison the minds of potential jurors. Similar attempts to justify the murder of Daniel Hambrick have been rejected by both a sitting judge and the Davidson County grand jury.”

Do you think the FOP’s new digital campaign is right or wrong?