Mom Finds Clips on YouTubeKids that Give Children Instructions on Suicide!

It’s no secret that this generation of kids are obsessed with YouTube but after some recent finds you may want to limit your child’s access on the site.

There has been several reports of suspicious activity on YouTube and YoutubeKids. One mom claims she “found clips on YouTube and YouTube Kids that gave children instructions on how to kill themselves,” according to @CNN.

The mom, Free Hess says she was alerted by another mom who alleged that about halfway through a cartoon video, the footage was no longer cartoons, but “footage of a man in sunglasses telling children how to slit their wrists.” Hess says she reported the video for removal and YouTube reportedly took a week to remove it from the site.

As a parent, this is terrifying for me! And the sad part is, that’s not it! Hess also alleges that she came across “videos glorifying not only suicide but sexual exploitation and abuse, human trafficking, gun violence and domestic violence.” We hear that one of the videos went as far as depicting a school shooting.

YouTube has since then released a statement saying "We appreciate people drawing problematic content to our attention, and make it possible for anyone to flag a video," the statement said.

The more technology evolves the scarier it is to allow full access of the internet to minors. Be on the look out for any suspicious behavior online!