Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms turns Mac N Cheese Jokes into Huge Campaign

I'll let you be the judge of Mayor Keisha Bottom's holiday Mac N Cheese :)

If you missed it, the internet clowned Bottoms on social media after she posted the above photo during the Christmas holiday. Many did not think her dish looked appetizing and filled the comment section with jokes about it.

Since then, she has turned the jokes into an opportunity to do some good in the community and feed the hungry. Bottoms started the "More Than Mac" campaign, in conjunction with Kroger and raised more than $37,000 for the Atlanta Community Food Bank, according to @ajcnews.

For nearly three weeks, Kroger customers rounded up their purchases to the nearest dollar or could donate an amount of their choosing to the campaign.

Way to turn lemons in to lemonade Mrs. Bottoms!