BREAKING NEWS: Soulja Boy Arrested!!

One thing we can all agree on is that #SouljaBoy was having the biggest comeback of 2019.Hopefully this arrest doesn't hold him down for too long.

Soulja Boy has reportedly been arrested due to a probation violation. Eight years ago he was convicted for a weapons charge.

Soulja had to go see his probation officer today, and that’s when they got him as they found some ammunition in his home after issuing a search warrant when a woman claimed that he held her hostage in his garage. Soulja has denied all claims of holding anyone hostage, but because cops found ammunition in his home, it violates his probation as he’s not supposed to have ANY of that!

Soulja is supposed to perform at the #Clippers game tonight, so we'll see if that’ll still happen. He’s set to appear in front of a judge later today, so it may still be possible!