DMX Accidentally Stole A Car over the Weekend!

Welp, somebody probably lost their job over the weekend after this mix up!

According to TMZ, DMX was out on Friday in Los Angeles when Valet switched his Corvette someone else's. Apparently he and his team went to the valet to retrieve their car, but the person responsible for the ticket had lost it. The valet reportedly recognized DMX, and thought he recognized the Corvette he was driving.

Not long afterwards, he drives up with a Corvette, and X along with his crew hopped in and decided to take a ride to a nightclub at the strip.

The problem is the valet gave them the wrong car. The owner called the police and reported the Corvette stolen . Eventually authorities met them at the club, and eventually got the car back to its respective owner.

Crazy, right? Do you think you'd notice your car if it were accidentally switched?