AMC is Showing All 22 Marvel Movies in a 59 Hour Marathon!

Do you have what it takes to watch every Marvel movie back-to-back for a whole two and a half days?

Starting on April 23, AMC will show all 22 MCU movies in a massive Marvel movie marathon that asks the true diehards to prove their fandom once and for all by sacrificing sleep and body hygiene.

Both marathons will kick off with 2008’s IronMan, leading up to Captain Marvel, and of course ending with Avengers: Endgame. That’s a whopping 59 hours and 7 minutes in total, according to Slash Film, which is a ton of Marvel to put into your eyeballs in one sitting. That also means you’ll need to sit through 56 hours of movies before you even get to the final three-hour Thanos showdown. So please, begin stocking up on Red Bull and deodorant now and planning which movies you’ll be taking some quick naps during.

Oh, and if you’re worried about feeding yourself and staying properly hydrated during such an endeavor, thankfully the Alamo Drafthouse has you covered. The chain is responsible for this marathon of every MCU movie.

If you choose to accept this mission, get your tickets over at AMC’s website or the Alamo Drafthouse website.

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