Wealthy Residents Raise $60,000 to Not Have Homeless Shelter Built in Area!

Residents of an affluent San Francisco area have launched a crowdfunding appeal in a bid to block a homeless shelter being built in their area.

Donors have raised more than $60,000 to fund a legal battle over plans for the 200-bed center in a city gripped by a housing crisis. Their efforts have prompted an angry response from San Francisco’s mayor, who called the campaign “incredibly frustrating and disappointing”.

The residents launched an appeal on GoFundMe last week. The page says the funds will be used for “for legal and related costs” to oppose mayor London Breed’s proposals for a homeless shelter in a vacant plot of land in Embarcadero, the city’s eastern waterfront.

More than 7,000 in the San Francisco Bay area are homeless, according to recent estimates.

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