Keke Palmer Admits to Abortion After New Alabama Law Put In Place!

As you know, Alabama has put a new law into place banning all abortion unless medically harmful to the mother. This new ban does not include rape and/or incest, this new ban was also decided on with a 25-6 vote (all men) and has since formed a long-held national debate.

A new hashtag #YouKnowMe was created by actress Busy Phillips who is fighting for women’s rights to help eliminate the shame. She encouraged thousands of people, including celebrities, to take to social media and share their abortion stories using the created hashtag.

KeKe Palmer was one who decided to be a voice. She took to Twitter and bravely revealed “I was 24, in Europe, very far away from home. I was worried about my career responsibilities and afraid that I could not exist as both a career woman and mother. #YouKnowMe”

Palmer has since then deleted the tweet, stating Twitter is “Too flat and too short to express intimate sentiments.” However she went on to express how she felt about this new abortion ban.

Check out some of the existing tweets below.